Aluminum, the most consumed non-ferrous metal worldwide, is produced over 60 million MT per year globally.

It’s a vital metal not only in daily life but also in various industrial and military industries and almost all people are using this metal in their daily lives.

Over 400,000 MT of aluminum is produced in Iran per year which is not a significant output compared with the global production of 60 million MT.

Now UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are some of the biggest exporters of aluminum ingots while they import bauxite stone as the raw material required in aluminum output! Also all these countries are smaller in size than Iran.

One of the problems for Iran is the limitation of alumina powder resources and around 70% of the required alumina powder for aluminum ingots is imported from other countries.

It is planned to increase aluminum production to 5.1 million MT in next 6 years but still no prominent change is seen.

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