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Iran Tomato


Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a supplier of Iran tomato and cherry tomato for the domestic market and the leading exporter of tomato worldwide.

Amoot’s tomatoes have all international quality standards. 

Many years of experience in the field of fruits and vegetable export has made a reliable company full of knowledge and expertise.

We have established close ties with numerous farmers and fruit producers, allowing us to offer a vast selection of top-notch products to our customers.

This strong relationship ensures that the products being exported are of the highest quality, reflecting the hard work and dedication of the farmers and fruit producers.

With this network, Amoot is able to provide customers with a diverse range of fresh and flavorful products, meeting the demands of market.


Amoot’s Tomato

  • Bright color
  • Firm and juicy texture
  • Sweet, fragrant aroma
  • Rich, sweet and slightly acidic flavor
  • Consistent size
  • Freshness and proper storage
  • Nutritional value
  • Absence of damage or rot
  • Appropriate ripeness
  • No signs of decay or spoilage
  • No external imperfections or blemishes
  • Consistency in taste and flavor.


Iran Tomato Exporter


Equipped Sorting Lines

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, a strict sorting process is implemented to ensure that only the finest quality tomatoes are exported. 

The sorting line is a critical step in the process and is designed to identify and separate any tomatoes that show signs of decay or spoilage.

Trained personnel examine each tomato carefully, paying close attention to the appearance, texture, and aroma. 

Any tomatoes that are overripe, mushy, or have an off smell are immediately removed from the line and discarded. 

This rigorous process guarantees that only the freshest and highest quality tomatoes make it to the customers.

By implementing this strict sorting line, Amoot Iranian Trading Company is able to maintain its reputation for delivering premium quality tomatoes to customers worldwide. 

The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in every shipment and has made them a trusted and reliable supplier in the industry.


Iran Tomato



Our commitment to quality and reliability has made us a top choice for both domestic customers and international clients seeking high quality, fresh and flavorful tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. 

We work closely with farmers and producers to ensure a steady supply of premium tomatoes and a consistent level of quality in every shipment.

With our expertise and extensive network, Amoot Iranian Trading Company has become the go-to source for customers seeking the best that Iran has to offer.


Iran Tomato Supplier

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