Iran cement production developed 6% on this spring in comparison with the same period last year while it had a bearish trend on winter. It demonstrates an upswing trend of cement production in Iran and this growth should be reinforced with cement export. Iran cement export dropped 15% in the same period and Iran government should continue incentive plans in order to avoid cement industry to fall again.

Another key thing to remember is that according to a new approved plan, the cement of highly productive areas will be transferred to highly consuming regions, solving some of the supply problems in domestic markets.

Iran was a leading supplier of cement to Iraq, 50% of Iran cement was previously exported to Iraq. But currently it descends to 30% as cement producers are searching for new buyers of other regions and looking for new markets. It is important to mention that exporting cement from Iran to all continents is not affordable and possible. CIS countries and Afghanistan are great importers of Iran cement that can substitute Iraq. Iran government should also improve cement price. Real estate market had increased significantly last year. Moreover steel and petrochemical markets also trended up but cement does not.

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