Iranian Dates Season Availability

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is one of the most well-known and experienced dates’ suppliers and distributors of the world active as a dates’ wholesaler and retailer and an innovative designer and creator of wholesale dates packaging. Before providing more information about Amoot Iranian, let’s take a brief look at Iranian dates season availability.

Dates are one of the most nutritious fruits that are cultivated in many cities of Iran with tropical climate. Around 400 various kinds of dates are cultivated in Iran including Mazafati, Piarom, Zahidi, Kabkab, Rabi, Shahani, etc. They have various sizes from small to large and different colors from bright red and brown to dark black. Some of them are fresh, some are semi-dried and many of them are dried.

Each type of date is grown in a specific region and city of Iran so the suitable time of date harvesting varies in different cities based on the climate, humidity, and temperature.

Usually it begins in late June and continues till October. Kerman province along with Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Bushehr, Khuzestan, and Fars are the main producers of various types of Iran dates. However, today some other Iranian provinces are active in date cultivation too. Totally 15 provinces of Iran are busy with date cultivation.



Wholesale Dates Packaging

Amoot Iranian dates’ supplier hired professional experts for designing creative retail and wholesale dates packaging for domestic and foreign markets. Attractive dates’ boxes can play a major role in customers’ absorption.

Especially when date fruit is a new product in a certain country market, a creative and absorbing package is needed which gets the people’s attention and differs from other foodstuff in supermarkets’ shelves.

Buyers of Amoot Iranian dates are from all over the world. Some importers purchase Amoot dates in bulk and then package them themselves but this group of buyers are very rare.

Most of this company’s date buyers ask Amoot Iranian wholesale dates packaging team to:

  • Provide their own kind of dates packages with their own brand and logo printed on the small or big boxes made from paperboard, metal, plastic, etc. in various shapes and sizes.
  • Design a creative and exclusive pattern based on the buyers’ taste and needs.
  • Or to simply provide the cartoons in the original brand and design of Amoot.



Whether you order the dates to be packaged in Amoot boxes made in advance or to be sent in boxes with your own company brand or even if you ask for a completely new design, all are performed by Amoot Iranian Trading Company in the shortest possible time.

The latest machinery and facilities have helped Amoot to experience a higher quality packaging system that can produce various types of boxes for dates made from metal, wood, paperboard, plastic, etc. We create any packaging idea in your mind and bring it into reality. 



Amoot’s Name Shines Among Iran Dates Wholesalers!

Amoot Iranian as a well-recognized dates’ wholesaler to European countries as well as Asian, CIS, and Arabic countries is the supplier of over 400 types of premium quality Iran dates.

The main types of dates sold to Iran domestic market and exported to other countries by Amoot are:

  • Fresh and semi-dried Mazafati date (also known as Rotab, Kimia, and Bam date)
  • Zahidi date
  • Piarom date
  • Kabkab date


However other types of Iran dates are supplied too as over 400 varieties of dates are cultivated in Iran. Some of these dates are produced in low quantity in Iran so they are enough only for the domestic markets of Iran while many others like Mazafati and Zahidi are exported in large volumes to other countries, mostly to countries that have Muslims.


Buy Dates in Bulk

If you intend to import and buy dates in bulk for your country’s domestic market or if you act as a dealer and want to purchase Iran dates for another country rather than your own country, Amoot Iranian is at your service handling the whole process of date purchase and import on behalf of you from scratch.

Among various reasons that encourage dates’ importers to purchase this fruit from Amoot Iranian Trading Company, the followings are more important to be mentioned:

  • Any kind of date you purchase from Amoot is hand-pick, unmixed, and sorted carefully. So the exported dates are all similar in size, shape, and quality, exactly like what you have seen before in person, images, or films.
  • Your purchase is supported from scratch to the last step of delivery. In all levels of your query, we accompany you 24/7. As we have a shipping agency too, delivery can be done based on your desire by sea, air, and road. However we consult you in this procedure to be able to select the most affordable transportation method based on your country and city. For instance Iran date export to India is mostly done through south ports of Iran like BND while delivery to Russia is better to be done by truck.
  • The exported dates by Amoot are fresh and kept in well-equipped cold storages. Amoot has many date warehouses in various cities of Iran for keeping the dates in the best suitable condition.
  • Dates are only delivered in 20 and 40 foot refrigerated containers and trucks so the customer can be sure of the freshness and quality.
  • The wholesale dates packaging machines of Amoot Iranian are modern so the speed of packing and the quality of printings on boxes are high.
  • Various types of dates are supplied by Amoot Iranian like Mazafati, Piarom, Kabkab, Zahidi, etc.
  • Any variety of date Amoot sells you has premium quality and as they are packed in resistant boxes, no damage will be seen in dates, even if they are transported to very far destinations.
  • Any type of dates packaging ideas are performed in Amoot Iranian including paperboard, plastic, and metal boxes together with flexible and biodegradable packaging in any color, design, and pattern.  
  • The prices of Amoot’s dates are competitive, allowing any buyer to offer dates to final customers at affordable rates and finally enjoy more benefits.


What Is the Best Dates’ Company in Iran?

Hundreds of dates’ suppliers are working in Iran; most of them focus on supplying the Iran domestic market. Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a trustworthy dates’ company in Iran which is active both in wholesale and retail selling of dates.

The company has a wide range of products including fresh dates, dried dates, semi-dried dates, date paste, date syrup, pitted dates, and more.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is able to meet the customer’s requirements offering its products in different packaging according to the customer’s needs and taste. In addition, the company provides custom labeling for its products.

The company has a team of experienced and professional staff who are always ready to help the customers.

The company’s goal is to provide the best possible services to the customers and to satisfy their needs. Amoot Iranian is always looking for new ways to improve its services and to provide the best possible experience to the customers.


Amoot Dates for Export


The company is always looking for new opportunities to expand its business and provide its products and services to more people. Amoot Iranian is ready to cooperate with other importing companies across the globe in order to create more opportunities for both sides.

Various types of Iran dates cultivated in large palm grooves of Amoot, harvested on time and stored in cold storages along with educated and experienced agricultural engineers and farmers have helped Amoot’s dates to have the highest quality.

Connect with agro-food industry Amoot Iranian experts anytime, anywhere through email, WhatsApp, direct phone call, and official social networks of Amoot. 


What Other Countries Are Top Dates Suppliers?

Top Exporting Countries of Fresh Dates


As you see above, Israel was the first exporter of fresh dates in 2021 by export value of $334.03M. The second place is related to UAE by export value of $272.03M preceded by Tunisia with export value of $214.10M.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are in fourth to sixth place, each one respectively with export value of $207.42M, $131.35M, and $123.48M.

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The export value of $117.07M and $94.40M, and $67.70M are respectively related to the USA, Algeria, and Netherlands. The Netherlands is the only European country among the 10 top exporters of dates in 2021.

And the last country with an export value of $52.58M is Pakistan. As you see most of these dates exporting countries are from Asia and the second continent is Africa because the weather and climate in Asian and African countries are hot and suitable for date cultivation. That’s why Europe has only one country in this list.


What Is the Most Famous Kind of Iranian Date Fruit?

Over 400 types of dates in different flavors, colors, and shapes are produced in Iran in fresh, dried, or semi-dried forms. They are the same in nutritional properties and should be consumed in moderation due to high levels of sugar and calories. 

Mazafati date – also known as Rotab, Bam, and Kimia date- is almost the most famous and traded kind of Iranian date. Amoot Iranian dates’ supplier also exports huge volumes of Mazafati dates every year.

Iranian people buy Rotab more than other types of dates especially in Ramadan month. Fresh Mazafati is dark black, sweet, fleshy, oval-shaped, medium-sized (2.5~4.5 cm), juicy, incredibly soft, and fully-cling with a tender texture.

Amoot Iranian cultivates Mazafati date in Bam city of Iran located in Kerman province. Then they are transferred to automatic sorting lines, packaged based on the customers’ order, kept in large cold storages, and delivered to any desired destination as fast as possible. The best shipping method is chosen based on the buyer’s destination to avoid any additional cost and establish a more beneficial trade.

Quality along with good value, and perfect client satisfaction have all caused Amoot Iranian to become the leader of Mazafati date exporting in Iran. Every year thousands of MT of Bam dates are exported from Iran to the whole globe by the Amoot team.

Exporting Mazafati dates to Europe has become quite common these days and Amoot Company is one of the most active companies in this field. Amoot also exports other types of dates such as Piarom, Rabbi, Kabkab etc. along with Bam date. Dried dates have a long shelf life but fresh dates retain their quality for a shorter time though they are kept in refrigerators.

Remember to keep dates in the refrigerator in an airtight container in order to retain their moisture. If fresh dates like Mazafati lose their moisture, they are not as delicious and tasty as before.

The mentioned varieties of dates are all available in our warehouses and any client can visit these warehouses to check the quality of dates by himself. Additionally, SGS control can be done on dates before delivery if the buyer asks.

Making the clients sure about the quality of products is one of our most important missions in Amoot Iranian. That’s why we have always cooperated with the best and the most famous date palm growers in Iran and support SGS check and in person warehouse investigation.



This Is Super-Food!

Mazafati and other types of dates are different in flavor, shape, and color but their nutritional properties are so high and the same.

That is the main reason that date has been sold in many more markets of the world today compared with decades ago.

  • High in fiber
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Promote heart functionality and avoid heart diseases
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Protect kidneys
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Control blood pressure
  • Rich in micronutrients including selenium, manganese, magnesium, etc.
  • Develop bone health
  • Reduce the Alzheimer risk
  • Stop diarrhea
  • Strengthen nervous system
  • Lower cancer risk
  • Improve weight loss
  • Rich in B1, B2, B3 and B5 vitamins
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Bring the cholesterol down
  • Boost liver
  • Avoid bony related disorders
  • Promoting body energy


As dates are rich in sugar, it’s recommended to eat them in moderation and always pair them with other healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to balance out the meal. If you have diabetes, talk to your doctor before eating dates as they may not be suitable for you. But if you consume the correct amount of dates determined by your doctor every day, it would be a good snack to fight diabetes.

Super-foods are excellent ways to improve your overall health and well-being. These foods are packed with nutrients that can help improve your health in a variety of ways. Including dates in your diet is a great way to boost your overall body functions.

As dates boost energy, athletes are recommended to add various types of fresh or dried dates to their diet. Though dates are high in calories but if used moderately, are good to be added even to diets for losing weight!


Iran Date Exporter


Which Foreign Marketers Are the Destinations of Amoot Iranian Dates?

India with around 200M Muslims in 2022 as mentioned in World Population Review, is one of the main importers of Iran dates. In 2021, India imports valuing was around $240M.

As you probably know Muslims are the old users of dates as date is a popular fruit in Islam and it is advised by their Prophet Muhammad to consume dates every day especially on Ramadan- the month of fasting. Of course the high nutrition of dates is the main reason for this popularity which also caused dates to become well-known in other European and American countries too very soon.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is also one of the key dates’ suppliers to India and other Asian countries with a huge number of Muslims like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Indonesia, Kuwait, Syria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

European countries are the second group of Amoot’s dates importing countries such as UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.

As the demand for date in European countries has been increasing constantly, the volume of Iran date export to Europe has improved significantly in recent years. Health benefits of dates as well as its rich and delicious taste are the two main reasons why dates are seen in European supermarkets more than ever.

Canada and Australia are other buyers of Amoot’s dates, especially Mazafati proceeded with African countries like South Africa.

Receive your date cargo anywhere you are living with the best and the most affordable method of transportation. Amoot Iranian Trading Company has a shipping agency that exports most of its products through the BND port of Iran on CIF terms.  

However the orders of some neighboring countries like Turkey and Russia are sent by refrigerated trucks. If you are in a hurry and want your cargo to be received sooner, air delivery is the best choice. However, needless to say that air transport price is higher than sea and road transportation.

Hence you need to check the market to see whether it will be beneficial for you or not if you choose air delivery. For the Amoot team, there is no difference as all transportation ways are supported.   

All your questions about the best type of delivery to your country are replied to by Amoot experts fast by email and WhatsApp, waiting for your messages.

Request quotations!





1.What is the best supplier of dates?

Amoot Iranian Trading Company Based in Iran is known as the best supplier of Iran dates to the whole world as it respects customer satisfaction by providing various types of dates in high quality and at best affordable prices.


2. How do I contact the dates’ supplier?

Clients can contact Amoot Iranian Trading Company- the most famous Iran date supplier- through email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media, and direct phone conversation.


3. What are largest exporter of dates?

Amoot Iranian Trading Company benefiting from large warehouses of dates full of various types of quality Iran dates which are sold to all countries at best competitive prices is the largest dates exporter of Iran.


4. Are dates popular in Iran?

Dates are an inseparable cuisine in Iran which are consumed in fresh, dried, and semi-dried forms in Iran.


5. What type of dates come from Iran?

Iran supplies various types of dates like Mazafati, Piarom, Zahidi, Kabkab, etc. to four corners of the world.


6. Where do Mazafati dates come from?

Most of Mazafati dates are cultivated in Iran and exported to the whole world by various companies like Amoot Iranian Trading Company.


7. What agricultural products are supplied by Amoot Iranian Trading Company?

Various types of dates along with different vegetables and fruits are exported by Amoot to four corners of the world including apple, orange, pear, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, kiwi, watermelon, bell paper, etc.

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