Iran date is well-known and reputable all around the world because of its originality and authenticity.



Amoot Iranian as a company of dates wholesale is expert in exporting organic dates all over the globe. Our effort in providing natural, fresh, additive-free dates with no preservative and no artificial flavor assists us in becoming a reliable date supplier.

Another key factor which makes Iran to be reputed in bulk dates is the wide verity of dates produced in the Iranian market.

Amoot Iranian supplies various types of Fresh dates, dried dates, and chopped dates. Amoot Iranian may even be found as a major date paste supplier in the global market.

As an extremely conscientious wholesaler of mazafati dates based in Iran, Amoot Iranian Trading Company places great emphasis on the quality of the goods. 




In order to fulfill our promise of quality and guarantee our consistency in dates’ market, we subject our products to strict quality controls to ensure FSMA compliance.

Bulk Organic dates are available at competitive prices with on-time delivery at Amoot Iranian Trading Company to distinguish our company from other firms.

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