Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer


What Is Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer?

What is the main composition of the urea? Nitrogen is the main part of urea fertilizer.

Nitrogen is the most important nutritive element in nourishing of fruit trees, which helps the trees to grow.

Nitrogen is effective in growth, flowering, fruit forming, fruit ripening, and physiology issues after harvesting of most of the gardening products.

Since the young parts of fruit trees, which are growing up, need Nitrogen a lot, Nitrogen in the plant is highly moving and transfers to the younger parts of the plant.


What are the benefits of nitrogen to plants?

  • making protein compounds, amino acids and carbohydrates
  • affecting the color of fruits
  • effective in flowering 
  • improvement in fruit formation and efficiency
  • helpful in fruit ripening
  • increases the fruit size
  • production and expansion of starchy parts of the plant
  • improving growth of green parts of the plants like leaves
  • increasing the plant foliage

It should be considered that extra amounts of Nitrogen disturbs fruit color (especially in apple trees). Overuse of Nitrogen increases the weed growth in fruit gardens and reduces plant resistance against pests and diseases.

So if it is added more than the necessary amount it causes excessive fruit ripening and reduces the fruit’s storage lifetime.


Can I spray urea on plants?

Global experts report spraying Nitrogen solutions on fruit trees, especially citrus fruits, is particularly efficient and beneficial.




Some researchers believe that spraying Urea in summer is more effective than applying Nitrogen to the soil as it increases the fruit formation, their size, and overall efficiency.

Spraying Nitrogen on orange trees in Washington resulted in the increase in the number of produced oranges, brix, vitamin C and fruit size as well as the decrease of fallen fruits. 

Also applying Urea fertilizer to them reduces the number of oranges that fall down from the tree.

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