China’s boost of DAP export in the first half of 2019

In the first half of 2019, #China has exported 2,750,000 MT of #diammonium #phosphate (DAP), increasing 10.4% from the first half of 2018. The superior #DAP importers from China in June 2019 are #India, #Thailand, and #Pakistan.  Source: OKCHEM  

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Amoot Company- Your Source of Quality Products & Services!

Amoot Iranian Trading Company with headquarter based in Iran, is specialized in exports of minerals, chemicals, construction materials and agricultural products. Our mission at Amoot Company is to help international buyers to experience the joy of purchasing high quality products at affordable prices. Established one decade ago, we soon managed to build a reputation by…

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Fertilizer Industry in Asia

The danger of crop failure and even famine in Asian countries has become very important during last three decades.  An increase in chemical fertilizer use, more inspection of weeds, insects and diseases and optimum utilization of soil moisture are paid more attention in order to increase the production of cereal crops, mostly wheat, rice and…

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The Joy of Business by Amoot Iranian Trading Company!

Working over one decade has made Amoot Iranian Trading Company a proficient firm, full of experience and knowledge in mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and construction industries. Amoot Company works hard to understand any trend and factor that will shape the future of the trading business as the world is a changing environment all around, and…

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Chemical Fertilizers

Any type of organic, mineral, or biologic material that supplies essential nutrients, boosts fertility, and improves both qualitative and quantitative functions of plant is called fertilizer or fertliser.  Applying fertilizers is the best possible way to enhance the soil quality and simultaneously sustain plant growth. Generally fertilizers are divided into three main groups: Chemical fertilizers…

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