$3.5b of new mineral projects going operational in Iran

Over $3.5 billion of mineral projects are going to be completed this year in Iran with the help of the private sector. Around 1300 million Tomans were received from the private companies investing in these projects till now.  It is planned to activate small sized mines with the help of private companies.      

Iron Ore Price is expected to Rise!

Index for #iron_ore reduced 2.9$ on Monday 26th August. This reduction is related to #Trump decision in order to increase tariffs (5%) on Chinese products and goods and the #Yuan_devaluation (-0.82%), causing #iron_ore_import to #China more expensive and decreasing iron ore demand. On the other hand China has reduced the limitations on #steel_mills for September…

Latest Iron Ore News on August 17th 2019

  The weekly change of mineral’s price: Product Difference/MT Rhodium +6% Indian Galvanized Sheets +3.9% Indian Sponge Iron (DRI) +3.6% London Copper -0.6% PB -1.7% Concentrate -7.2% Pellet -8.2%   Costs to produce one MT of steel in China: The growth of iron ore price to over 125$ per MT has made the costs of…

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