China’s boost of DAP export in the first half of 2019

In the first half of 2019, #China has exported 2,750,000 MT of #diammonium #phosphate (DAP), increasing 10.4% from the first half of 2018. The superior #DAP importers from China in June 2019 are #India, #Thailand, and #Pakistan.  Source: OKCHEM  

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Fertilizer Industry in Asia

The danger of crop failure and even famine in Asian countries has become very important during last three decades.  An increase in chemical fertilizer use, more inspection of weeds, insects and diseases and optimum utilization of soil moisture are paid more attention in order to increase the production of cereal crops, mostly wheat, rice and…

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Global Fertilizer Consumption Getting Close to 200 Million MT On 2018

Crops require water, light, and nutrients to grow. They get most of their required nutrients from the soil. But soil composition varies and may not be fully able to provide all necessary nutrients in quantities required by the crops. Also continuous farming takes nutrients away from the soil. So there’s a constant need to compensate…

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