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Iran Cement Production Ticked up

Iran cement production developed 6% on this spring in comparison with the same period last year while it had a bearish trend on winter. It demonstrates an upswing trend of cement production in Iran and this growth should be reinforced with cement export. Iran cement export dropped 15% in the same period and Iran government…

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Global stock markets lost 1.9 trillion dollars of the investor’s money!

Last week #global_stock_markets lost 1.9 trillion dollars of the investor’s money which is equal with Canada economy! News show the weak economy in Europe and also #China in July (China’s industrial production growth: +4.8%, the lowest from 2002) and the fall of US bond rates. Both of these issues made the situation proper for the…

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Dominant Cement Producing Countries from 2014 to 2018

Cement as a water-based binder is applied to bind other building materials together which is consumed in the production of mortar and concrete during the construction process. Its ability to hold the structure together made cement an important inseparable substance in construction industry, attracting many countries to invest on cement production. The top cement producers…

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