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Africa The north Africa cfr price has been assessed down to span $140-150/t on new sales to Morocco. Saudi Arabia Fertilizer producer OCP has stepped in to the spot market securing two 40,000t cargoes. Total Port Arthur unit malfunctions during startup Equipment associated with a sulfur unit malfunctioned during a planned startup over the weekend at Total's 240,000 b/d refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. Sulphur is imported for consumption by fertilizer producer OCP. Iran says CNPC has replaced Total at South Pars China's state-owned CNPC has officially taken over Total's share in the $4.8bn project to develop phase 11 of the giant South Pars gas field, Iran's oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said. The cargoes will load west of Suez with one coming from the Baltics via a trader for loading in end-December. NorthAm sulphur use up through September North American sulphur demand was up by 4pc at 7.1mn t from January to September, as strong demand spurred increased imports. Details of the previous tender here. Prices have been placed sub-$150/t cfr. USA US Gulf fob prices declined by $5.50/t to $129-133/t fob on the most recent business to Brazil. North America Akzo Argentina will stay out of the sulphur spot market for the remainder of this year. The Black Sea fob price has been adjusted notionally to $110-125/t on softening Brazil and north Africa cfr prices. Greece A producer is offering 6,000t under a spot sales tender which closes on 29 November. The product is thought to be sulphur sold under a previous monthly tender that was not lifted. Over 70pc of scheduled In the freight market, an inquiry for 50,000t loading Jubail for shipment to China 23 November - 3 December is linked to a sale made last week in the low-$130s/t fob/mid-$150s/t cfr China. Mexico MM Boleo has its next shipment scheduled for early-December but no settlement has been heard. This is however not thought to be Turkish sulphur but potentially of another origin seeking a new shipment/delivery route. Mediterranean Prices hold steady in the Mediterranean market with no new confirmed concluded business. This is at an increase of 18pc on the year and is not unexpected as stateowned sulphur producer Adnoc signed a supply agreement with OCP at the end of 2017. East Europe The Baltic Sea fob has been assessed down to $120-125/t on a sale to north Africa for end-December loading. In the freight market there is an inquiry for 30,000t of crushed lumps loading Mersin port December/January for shipment to Zhengjiang port, China. Canada Vancouver fob prices declined by $15.50/t on a midpoint basis to $122-132/t, with the most recent business to China at a steep decrease this week. Bids were requested to remain valid until 23 November and the tender is understood to have been awarded but no details of awards were available at press time. Tupras held its main monthly e-tender on 28 November and was offering 11,000t big bags, and two lots of bulk at 5,000t and 4,000t. But the majority of buyers are still targeting the range of $150-155/t cfr for granular sulphur.