Logistics link the flow of freight from origin to the destination. It usually involves the integration of information flow, material management, packaging, inventory, conveyance, warehousing, and security. Logistics management is a major part of every business enterprise.

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we specialize in managing and delivering the consignments with professional expertise and ease.


Supported by integrated solutions and trustworthy global partnerships, Amoot Iranian has established itself as one of the internationally renowned owners and charterers in the logistics industry.

Our dedicated Shipping team contracts vessels for our requirements on a Voyage & Time Charter basis. Over the years we have developed an expertise in the conveyance of bulk commodities across countries. Delivering a high level of service performance every day, at competitive rates is the core of our business.

Amoot Iranian is constantly revolutionizing and refining its technologies and processes to enhance the logistics solutions provided to the customers.

Various type of transportation are supported by Amoot:

  • Sea transport
  • Rail transport
  • Road transport
  • Air transport


  • In-house operations and technical team
  • Highest levels of customer service
  • Ability to handle dry and container cargoes
  • Deal in all the geographies & oceans
  • Moved cargo in excess of 500 thousand Metric Tones
  • Commitment to delivering the cargoes efficiently and effectively
  • On-ground logistics service for many commodities such as Fertilizer, Sulphur, Iron Ore, etc.
  • Strength in warehousing and product storage
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