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Iron ore Inventory at Chinese Ports Is Trending Down

Index of #iron_ore in #Dalian_Commodity_Exchange on Friday 23rd 2019 increased 3.6% for the second day. Sudden decrease of #iron_ore_inventory at 45 major #Chinese_ports caused the market to grow. S&P Global Platts reports that #China will increase its #steel_production 34.9 million tons and the total output will be 1.18~1.2 million tons which will stimulate #iron_ore_price in…

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As the iron ore prices in global markets continue to fall, the price difference between Iranian internal and export concentrates reduced to only 7.3%!

#Iron_ore_market is still trending down in #China and today the #iron_ore_index in #Dalian_Commodity_Exchange (#DCE) dropped 4.6%. Iranian export iron ore is also softening and decreased 0.5$ today and 5% for the lower grades during the last week. ┬áIndex for export #concentrate 66%, FOB Bandar Abbas is now 62.4$ which is only 7.3% more expensive than…

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