The new round of tariffs on Chinese goods started yesterday although both parties are willing to restart negotiations!

According to Xinhua, Washington should learn that “China is an unbent nail in face of US tactic of maximum pressure”. China is stronger to fight against the US and has sufficient measures at its disposal.

Secondly, US should learn that “Chinese economy is strong and resilient enough to resist the pressure brought about in the ongoing trade war”. US companies are advised to find alternatives to China but it is important to mention that yet US investment in China is on the rise!

The third issue that US should consider is that “their trade war is hurting the American people and businesses”. The price of many new items including clothing, foot wear, and toys will be increased because of the new tariffs on Chinese goods! According to JPMorgan researchers, American families will be facing about 1,000 dollars in additional costs from all tariffs on Chinese goods annually!

Xinhua added “Last but not the least; the United States should learn how to behave like a responsible global power and stop acting as a school bully.”

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