The growth of US economy, low unemployment rate, acceptable increase of GDP, satisfaction of big US companies because of their tax reduction from 35% to 21% and finally the continuous improvement in stock market prices, all have increased the expectation that Trump, for the second time, will be elected as the next president of US!

But recently it seems that the cold war between US and china is going to change the situation. Since Trump started the trade war, many worrying economic accidents happened. Only in August 2019, the index for US stocks decreased significantly two times! On 14 August, Dow Jones index fell 800 points, its highest decrease in 2019! S&P 500 index also descended 2.93% on 14 August. Then both of these indexes increased but again fell respectively 2.37% and 2.59% on 23 August.

PMI is reported fewer than 50 for the first time in last 10 years, making investors concerned about the economic future. Most of US analysts are sure about the economic recession before the next election of US!

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