The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) introduced countries’ ranking on Better Life Index

Measuring feelings can be very subjective but is nonetheless a useful complement to more objective data when comparing quality of life across countries. Subjective data can provide a personal evaluation of an individual’s health, education, income, personal fulfilment and social conditions. Surveys, in particular, are used to measure life satisfaction and happiness.

As empirical evidence shows among EU members, the highest efficiency belongs to countries with the least working hours. According to the statistics published by Britain’s Trade Syndicate Congress, England’s full-time workforce had the longest working hours among those of EU, while it also had the lowest level of efficiency.

In this regard, German in spite of its 1.8 hour less working time, indicated a 14.6% higher efficiency and Ireland with its 2.6 hour fewer working hours from British workforce implied 62.7% more efficiency.

In Iran, workforce experience one of the longest working hours globally. According to OECD Iran has highest abundance of workforce with over 50 working hours and the most working days in year belongs to Iran.

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