Most analysts expect in surveys: the ling term upward trend of Gold price is definite.

According to latest surveys, most WallStreet journal analysts, retail investors on main street and economy experts in upward trend of gold market in long term is agreed.

Gold price faced a 42% drop last week. The downward trend of gold price which initiated on Thursday continued in yesterday’s deals and gold market witnessed its first reduction in last five weeks. Despite all, reports indicate it has experienced its highest growth rate since June 2016.

Some economy analysts believe that gold price being impressed by probable stock index in international markets will be increased. Some gold market analysts also believe that gold price may face short term correction but it will have an ascending long term trend. Some think trust improvement of investors on global economy may cause reduction in demand and gold price.

A senior market strategist of Lasalle Futures Group announced that he intends to exit some of his investment in gold market. However he still believes the gold price trend will maintain ascending.

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