What do the Americans against Trump’s new tariffs on Chinese goods say?

Last week Donald Trump, president of the United States, declared that tariffs on Chinese goods and products will be raised. Some of America’s businessmen warned that this rule will significantly face the America’s production section that is currently sluggish with new problems. America’s mills believe that the increase of tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods is risky and will grow the US costs. Previously it was also warned by US trade authorities on June 2019. Some of the famous US companies including Walmart, Costco, Target, and Gap asked the White House to eliminate tariffs on Chinese products and end the cold war which has reduced their profit, harm consumers and caused unemployment. They believe that this cold war has a negative, long-term and leading influence on America’s businesses, farmers, families and economy. The intensification of tensions will damage to both China and US.

According to Forbes, the uncertainty about the cold war damages US businesses and the Federal Reserve cannot save them because their problem is not the lack of fund or low interest rates, but they need a safe room for commerce!

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