The common chamber of commerce of Iran and China manager said according to the statistics, over 50% of the export currency has not been returned to the country’s official currency cycle which shall be discussed in exporters performance.

According to MajidReza Hariri, more than 70% of non-oil export is done through companies which are either public or private with managers from public companies. Hence, due to the USD 40 billion export of last year, an approximate amount of USD 28 billion must have been returned to our economy cycle.

He believes some of this amount’s not being returned may be due to the long process of their sales and return of money such as carpets. Nut the major part’s money must have been returned in less than 3 months. This may be caused as a result of lack of proper banking system. Therefore the replacing systems such as NIMA may not be totally replaced by a banking system. And we are not able to merely blame the private section.

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