Facebook with about 2.5 million users will offer its digital currency, Libra, to the market next year. Libra can positively influence on world’s economy growth and decrease the role of central banks in issue of economic policies.

Libra is not dependent to governments and is made with the safe Block Chain; its value is relatively stable.

What encourages Facebook to make Libra?

  • 31%=1.7 billion of people across the globe have no account in banks. A 3.7 trillion increase of economic growth, employment of 95 million people, 20% jump of income and 22% drop in global poverty in long term are expected if people’s access to bank accounts be provided.
  • 3~5 days is needed for international payments and high cost of transfer (7%).
  • 85% of the payments are in cash in developing countries, the danger of theft in cash deals.

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