Nasser Hadian, University lecturer: It is unlikely that Zarif takes any action without the permission of the Supreme Authority of the System

This university lecturer said: “I assume according to Iranian diplomats’, US and France the conditions for negotiations are set. Moreover, based on my identification of Mr. Zarif, it is unlikely that he takes any actions or says anything without permission. Hence, I think negotiations probability is much increased and we shall likely move towards negotiation.”

Iran shall go for negotiations while it has to re-authorize two threats which existed in Obama’s time and made US and Europe sign JCPOA. One of these threats was their idea of Iran making nuclear bomb and probable war as the other force.

Currently, Iran is consciously operating in both arenas; on the one hand, in the current situation, in the other’s perception, war is a likely scenario, and they know that if Iran moves toward a gradual withdrawal from the bracket, they must stop the Iranian military option.

That is the problem Barack Obama was facing at that point. That is to say, if Iran steps up to a 2 percent enrichment rate and starts our operations in other areas, such as generation-centrifuges, at Fordow, and in the verification system, we would conclude that the issue is serious. On the other hand, the West finds that there is no other way than to stop Iran from stopping Iran and being aware of the consequences of the war.

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