According to an Iranian official, to minimize environmental issues, all petrochemical companies operating in Iran have been equipped with waste management systems.

Davood Emadi, HSE director of NPC (National Petrochemical Company), said: “the move was aimed at minimizing environmental challenges of petrochemical operations in the country. Fortunately, petrochemical complexes and plants have made significant strides in recent years in this regard.”

“the sector’s move towards green and low-carbon operations was a strategy in all sectors of the industry. Greenhouse gas emission reduction projects are being implemented in petrochemical companies as Kermanshah, Razi, Maroon and Shiraz petrochemical plants have made great achievements in this field.”

This NPC official added that Bandar Emam Petrochemical Plant had carried out a landfill project with 30,000 tons of capacity which is regarded as the first standard petrochemical landfill in the industry in Iran.

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