US dollar made a new falling record in the first day of Shahrivar (August 23rd) although still remained at 11,500. As reported by Eqtesad News, the USD index decreased to less than 11,600 and met 11,560 on Saturday. This is 80 Tomans less than the rate on the last Day of Khordad (June 21st). This means the lowest level since Bahman 14th (Febraury 3rd).

Activists believe that lack of appropriate supply and demand in the market have been the major factors of the rate reduction. In contrast with falling USD rate, the gold coin resisted but also could get back to over 4,150,000 Tomans. This was due to the increase in ounce in global markets. In case the USD rate would also resist its level, the gold coin could have move to higher prices.

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