Macron: France attempts to arrange meeting between Trump and Iranian leader

Donald Trump, the US president, said on Monday that there’s “really good chance” he could meet with Iran’s leader on their nuclear impasse after the surprise intervention of French president during G7 summit, trying to bring Washington and Tehran together after decades of conflict.

Macron emphasized: “we have agreed with President Trump that Iran shall adhere to its nuclear commitments, shall not achieve nuclear weapons and threaten the region. We asked Zarif to come to France in order to create a work plan to progress in Iran’s case.” Said Macron.

He added:” today in my phone conversation with Iran’s president I asked he to meet Trump. I assume we have been impressive in prohibiting Iran to reach nuclear weapons. I have told Rouhani to meet Trump in order to reach an agreement therefore I hope we may have a meeting with Rouhani and Trump in coming weeks. I want to be cautious, but I think we may reach a proper solution.”

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