In annual Euroregion Bank Summit, the significance of Euro in world economy was mentioned. In comparison with 1991, it is more helpful for the Euro region to have an international currency now. European Commission had issued some topics about the ways to make Euro more significant in the world which was related to foreign policies of Donlad Trump including his slogan “America First” and sanctions against Iran. According to the world financial system that most of the global transactions are based on dollar, the one-sided sanctions of US against any country cannot be ignored.  Euro is the second important currency in the world.

Now the popularity of US dollar has decreased because of the 2008 financial crisis. Also the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released some data which shows the new behaviors of the currency reserve managers in new markets and their central banks had changed. They used to keep properties that are easy to be sold and bought and started to eliminate dollar because of its fluctuations and replace it with Euro or gold. To have an effective currency like Euro can make Europe stronger against any sanctions. As Europe does not have this power at the present time, US can boycott any country with dollarization.

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