According to Ryan Costello, the policy director of the National Iranian American Council, “Trump provoked a crisis with Iran, and now may try to solve it”. With the firing of John Bolton not only the possibility of US war with Iran has declined but also the likelihood of US-Iran negotiations has improved!

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu many times showed his concern about any potential meeting of Trump and Rouhani. Also many of the Trump’s sponsors wanted him to stop the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and now do not like Trump to sign another agreement.

“It is this self-made crisis from which Trump, if he is serious about a deal with Iran, must now try to extricate himself. His commitment to “maximum pressure” has scuttled diplomatic opportunities with Iran throughout his presidency. Iran will not sit down for serious negotiations or a photo shoot simply because Trump has dismissed his worst advisor. Iran’s leaders—badly burned by Trump’s decision to exit the nuclear deal and impose punishing sanctions—will need to see a sign of a policy change, in the form of an easing of sanctions pressure” added Ryan Costello.

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