Customs’ new proclamation on some export goods

Iranian customs found execution of May 2019 proclamation of the ministry regarding prohibition, and arbitration of prohibitions of some of the goods conditional to eliminating problems and creating necessary infrastructures.

According to a letter subjected, “conditions, prohibitions and arbitration of some goods”:

  • Export cargoes of fruit, vegetables and food shall be merely declared in provincial customs after issue of quarantine certificate, approval and assessment of packaging terms and index by ministry of agriculture and customs.
  • These products may not be assessed, declared and sealed in border customs and border customs are merely in charge of passage the foresaid goods.
  • Export of food products is merely permitted by manufacturers.
  • Export of DOP goods, row 29173200 shall be prohibited since Khordad 1st
  • Export of wheat is prohibited.
  • Export of DOP goods, row 39203020 shall be permitted after deputy’s approval considering the priority of supplying local needs and excess production.
  • Export of box coal, row 44029000 is permitted merely conditional to approval of National Organization of Standard on processing of inclusions.
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