The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati says the value of the Iranian currency Rial has been strengthened by 40 percent during recent months.

Hemmati’s claim comes on the backdrop of a sharp devaluation of Iran’s Rial last year and its partial recovery in recent months. He was probably referring to last year when the rate of exchange for every U.S. dollar rose from 55,000 IRR in March 2018 to up to around 180,000 IRR in September of that year.

The latest rate of exchange for U.S. dollar in Tehran has been 117,000 IRR per USD on Thursday. Before the establishment of the Islamic republic in 1979, one US dollar bought 70 IRR.

Hemmati also claimed that Iran is still exporting some oil, however, he declined to present any figures. “About the exact figures and statistics, let’s keep them with us,” said Hemmati.

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