Bitcoin to fall under ten thousand dollars

Last week, fluctuations in bitcoin price was observed in ten thousand dollars price channel. However it is expected that this code currency shall experience significant drop in upcoming days.

Having met dominant fluctuations in 2019, and rising to the highest price ever, USD 13,800, bitcoin is now on ten thousand dollars channel.

Some economy analysts by studying bitcoin’s weekly performance have stated that the sudden price drop to 9,522 dollars on August 15th and its surge to 10,993 dollars on August 20th may be due to the trade war between China and US however this may be revoked due to the passing nature of the reason.

It should be insisted that the price change of 15.5% was occurred in only 5 days and the price trend has been downward in the rest of the period. According to another analyst this is the first time that bitcoin price has been influenced intensively by the trade war between China and US.

It is expected that the price stability in ten thousand dollars channel be weak and it falls to a range of 8,800 dollars.

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