Amoot Iranian Trading Company established in Iran is actively present in the field of date exports to numerous countries, mostly to Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Pakistan, China, India, United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. The company head office is in Mashhad with second offices in Tehran and Johannesburg. A large ever-expanding network of foodstuff importers, dealers, retailers and loyal customers developed over the years ensures the reliability of our company in international food markets.

The success of Amoot Company as a date supplier can be traced back to the high enthusiasm of Amoot employees to exceed the customer’s expectations by providing the highest quality, value and service at the fairest prices. We are perfect to give both quality and competitive rates to our global clients. Our aim to serve all countries with a quality range of dates meets different customers’ requirements and interests.

Mazafati date, also famous as Rotab, Kimia and Bam date, is one of the most cultivated types of dates in Iran. Recently the high demand on healthier products and the great taste of mazafati date have made many people interested to add this fantastic fruit to their food basket. Amoot Iranian Trading Company acts as a direct connection between the mazafati farmers and global customers by more supervision on the farms, process and distribution chain.

Mazafati dates are dark, fresh, soft, fleshy, sweet and succulent fruits, rich in vitamins including E, A, B and C. Also it is full of minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium. Some of the main benefits of mazafati dates are as follow:

  1. Prevent allergy
  2. Increase energy, especially in athletes
  3. Gain weight
  4. Keep heart healthy and strong
  5. Make the skin, hair and nails healthy and prevent hair loss
  6. Relieve Constipation
  7. Prevent brain and heart attack
  8. Lower cholesterol levels
  9. Strengthen the nervous system
  10. Improve liver function
  11. Manage blood sugar levels for people who suffer from diabetes
  12. Prevent iron-deficiency anemia
  13. Cure cold and flu naturally
  14. Build healthy bones, especially in children
  15. Prevent migraines


Clients are the reason for Amoot Company being in business and it is the consumer who creates wealth for our company. Amoot delivery mechanisms ensure a continuous flow and availability of mazafati dates at any time in the year. Moreover we are interested to package the dates according to buyer’s preferences, in any type of boxes, design and trademark.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company ranks among the top date suppliers and distributors of Iran dealing with a wide range of premium and high quality Iran dates to serve our customers from all around the world with the finest qualities and services.  We always aim to deliver the ultimate satisfaction that our customers seek for in food sector. Working with experienced and reliable farmers and the finest selection of products guarantee the outstanding quality of our products. If you are eager to import mazafati date, the tastiest and the most desirable type of date in the world, please send a message to our experts for more details. We are working hard to help customers having an excellent purchase experience.

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