International Supplier of Iron Ore, International Supplier of Sulphur, International Supplier of Urea, International Supplier of Date Palm, International Supplier of Pistachio

We, Amoot Iranian Trading Company, are a leading bulk commodity trading solutions provider to clients across the globe. Over 999 thousand tons of products delivered Hundreds of satisfied clients 35 years of brilliant operational background.
Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a part of Amoot Group and a leading bulk commodity trading solutions provider to clients across the globe. Incorporated in Iran 1982, it has grown to achieve an annual turnover of US $10 million and trading volumes in excess of 500+ thousand tons per year. Powered by a strong professional team of 50+ employees spread across 8 geographies, we have the reach and scale to service our clients across the globe. Delivering both competitive rates and smooth transits with ethical business practices without compromising on quality & services. Our dedicated shipping division adds another dimension of value for our customers.
Reliability has been one of the key drivers of our growth. It is our principle that timely execution of contracts and delivering our commitments to the satisfaction of both suppliers and buyers. As part of Amoot Group, we proudly live by our values and demonstrate them through our conduct in all business transactions.
It is a pleasure to inform you we have standard operating procedures for our business processes which act as an enabler in a growing business. At the same time, we have robust Risk Management practice and policies, which help us to monitor and manage the business risks in a highly volatile business environment.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company started its professional activities more than one decade ago. Talented, experienced, and hardworking staff was hired at Amoot Iranian Trading Company which certified a prosperous future for our company. One decade of persistent endeavor and hardworking caused our trading company to grow and flourish. We are strong fighters with limitation. We do not restrict our activities to a specific field and product as we want to boost our activities and response to different customers’ requirements. We expanded our export activities in three main fields including minerals, fertilizers and agricultural products.

International iron ore supplier

We as one of the leading iron ore manufactures of Iran are ready to provide high grade iron ore for sale to different countries.  Due to the wide use of steel in various industries, iron ore as a raw material for steel production is requested and welcomed globally. Iron ore production is our main expertise, employing qualified engineers and workers and using the latest technologies and facilities to retain our high position in iron ore industry. Various number of our iron ore mines in east of Iran (Kashmar city) guarantees our long term activity in iron ore production.

International sulphur supplier

Amoot Iranian Trading Company supplies premium sulphur granules, prilled, lump, and sulphur powder for international market. The wide use of sulphur in different industries encouraged us to invest more in this field. Sulphur is used as fertilizer and applied in production of sulfuric acid, rubber, sugar, match stick, plastic, pigments, pulp, paper, pharmaceutical and etc.

International urea supplier

We are ready to provide high quality urea, the most consumed nitrogen fertilizer for our international chemical importers. If you are still thinking where to buy urea fertilizer, call us and consult with our experts. The highest quality of urea fertilizer and the best urea price is ready at Amoot Iranian Trading Company.

Dates supplier

We do not restrict our activities to minerals and chemicals. It’s a long time that we had expanded our profession and started our job as agricultural producer, especially dates supplier. We are able to supply different kinds of Iran date, both fresh dates and dried dates.  We are expert in Mazafati Date, also known as Rotab or Bam date globally. Moreover our hand selected vegetables including eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, chili pepper, cucumber, and zucchini are available for export. If you are looking for a reliable vegetable and dates supplier, call our experts and get all your required information.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company as an ambitious firm is always searching and investigating to discover its customers’ needs. We do not limit ourselves to a few fields and are ready to experience new and novel businesses. The point we are standing today is the result of our powerful ambitious thoughts, making us a famous international fertilizer and iron ore supplier as well as vegetable and dates supplier.

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